Why do you need your own app in 2015 and beyond?

Many people ask us why they really need an app... why is a web site not enough? Here goes:

According to the latest data, Americans have a difficult time living without their smartphones or tablets. 57% of mobile phone users and 26% of tablet owners accessed apps every single day of the month. 79% of smartphone users and 52% of tablet users accessed apps at least 26 days per month. And these are not just Americans.

The number of smartphone owners has reached 72% in the UK too. 87% of people aged 16-30 and 54% of 54-65-year olds own a smartphone. More and more of them will use apps to connect, learn, read and entertain.

No matter what is your blog about, your readers will read it on their mobile devices sooner or later. And you surely would like to make the connection with them stronger and longstanding. The solution is the mobile app that will enable you to push your posts directly to the subscribers' home screens. You need a reinvented blog.

You could ask how can a blogger get an app without spending thousands of dollars on app development… and then waiting months to have it up on the App Store and Google Play?

That’s why my team has created Remag - where in 3 minutes a blogger like me can have a custom, professional iPhone, iPad and Android app… right from their Wordpress blog.

Proven method

A mobile app is a chance for you to be in touch with your audience without asking for their email addresses or anything like that. Thanks to Remag you can have a mobile app just like the popular Productive! Magazine or the Nozbe app's magazine.

Since the introduction of a mobile app the readership and the number of returning readers has increased. Productive! Magazine subscribers have no excuse to miss a new issue - it appears on their phone/tablet home screen as soon as it gets published along with a notification on what the new edition is about.

Existing solutions

There are solutions for creating digital magazine-apps. They are advertised as super-easy... however you still need to use InDesign or other graphical software to prepare your content. Remag saves you all possible technical problems. Our tool is based on an easy-to-use Wordpress plugin and made for creating tablet and smartphone magazine-like-apps within just 3 simple steps. It's perfect not only for professional bloggers but also hobbyists and even corporate & enterprise internal communication.

How Remag works

With Remag you can create your own app really fast. It will actually take you 3 minutes! Not 3 months, not even 3 weeks… Just 3 minutes!

We will help you a bit with the first issue and your app design as well as do all the job required to get your app in app stores. Then, every edition of your own magazine will be super easy:

Step 1. Create an issue - bundle a few articles from your blog

Just pick the posts from your blog and put it in order you like. Done.

Step 2. Preview your app and tweak it

Get our Preview app for iOS or Android. Log in and experience your blog as an app. See if it looks perfect.

Step 3. Prepare a push notification and publish your magazine the very same day

Write a short push notification on what is the new issue about and click "Publish".

Check out our 3-minute video

Posted on Wednesday, March 25