Reinvent your blog on mobile

After you've reimagined your blog and reconnected with your readers, it's time to reinvent your blog on mobile

Well... Actually... you don't have to reinvent anything — we have already done it for you. All you need to do is just help us convert your blog to your own brand new modern mobile app!

Let me explain you my vision of reinvented blogging

The world is changing. Even if you managed to attract many readers to your blog, it's difficult to keep them engaged and coming back. They can easily forget the web address, they can't be bothered or simply have no time to make a little investigation in Google to re-find your website. And now, with smartphone and tablet revolution, your site gets even smaller... and competes with apps.

Secure your place on your readers'/followers' home screens

Thanks to a magazine iPhone/iPad/Android app, you can be in touch with your followers directly through their mobile device. This way you get rid of the annoying stuff related to retaining the blog audience like RSS subscriptions, sending out email newsletters, dealing with spam problems... Thanks to your magazine-like app you're just one tap away from your readers.

People read sites pushed to them via Facebook, and you can be on that premium space, next to the Facebook app!

Publish regular, curated content easily

Why not make your blog work like a periodical? It would be great if people could get a new portion of your posts at regular intervals. They wouldn't have to look for it, remember to check out if you wrote anything new of their interest. With the redesigned blogging it all happens almost automatically.

Once you are ready, you choose several articles and you transform them into a new edition of your own magazine within a few clicks. No technical mambo-jumbo. By choosing the "Publish" option, you make sure the subscribers get a push notification on their mobile device — on the same home screen they look at dozens of times a day.

Keep up with your readers

According to IDC (January 2014) over a billion smartphones were shipped in 2013. In 2014 the number increased to over 1.3 billion.

What about tablets? Well, they gradually push the PCs off the stage. According to Gartner (March 2014) 195.4 million tablets were sold in 2013. This was less than PC desktops/laptops (296.1 million). However in 2014 Gartner predicted that more tablets (270.7 million) would be sold — almost as many as — PC desktops/laptops (276.7 million).

People use mobile devices. Some of them don't have a choice, some of them simply love it — anyway more and more people buy it and treat it as their communication center. The survey run by SalesForce proves that mobile devices are essential in consumers’ day-to-day lives.

  • 85% of respondents said mobile devices are a central part of everyday life — and 90% of those aged 18-24 agreed.

  • 89% say that mobile devices allow them to stay up to date with loved ones and social events. To that 89%, their mobile device signifies connectivity to all that’s going on in their world.

  • On average, respondents report spending 3.3 hours a day on their smartphones.

  • Tablets are used more frequently than smartphones for passive activities like watching videos or movies (40% do this on a tablet, vs. 30% on a smartphone) and reading (57% do this on a tablet, while 43% do this on a smartphone).

You can see how your reinvented blog could look like on mobile today... in 3 minutes!

Just check out our video and follow the 3 steps to convert your blog to a modern mobile app. And when you're ready to take the leap, we'll help you all the way.

Watch our 3-step video

Posted on Monday, March 23